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Our extensively equipped workshops can handle almost any job. We can cover everything from a 3000 mile service to a new heritage body shell.

You are always welcome to come and visit us to have a look at our facilities and ongoing restoration projects.

Our technicians are all classic car specialists and we are proud to achieved many awards, including the MG Owners Club 5 star spanner award.

As we just do MGs our stores are well stocked and we carry a very comprehensive stock of MG Parts and Accessories.

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We are now MGOC Appointed/Approved POWER STEERING INSTALLERS for all their MG power steering kits.

We also have at our premises T4 Diagnostic equipment to cater for MGF's, MG TF's, MG ZR /S/T's and equivalent Rovers.

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Mike Rolls Services for MGs
Units 9/10, Fifehead Business Park
Fifehead Magdalen, Gillingham
Dorset. SP8 5RR
Phone: 01258 820337

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Restoration News!

Here are some updates on the work going on in our workshops.

Midget body preperation

MGTF Subframe

MGTF Subframe

The bodywork almost complete on the blue MG Midget Project

Midget preperation nearside

Midget preperation offside

MG Midget now getting prepared for some paint work.

Box Section

This shows a light weight box section we have made up using our folder and dimple dies

Spridget Shell

Spridget shell on rotisserie ready for work.

TR5 electrics

Just finished painting a VW Beetle and is now ready to go back to owner for re-assembling.

RV8 instrument bulbs

Gauge bulbs being sorted in the dash of a MG RV8, not the easiest things to get at.

TR5 electrics

TR5 having some electrical problem sorted.

MGB Engine out

Customer's car having its old engine removed and shortly having a new uprated one fitted.

MGB Engine out

MGB Heater installation

Heater system being fitted to a early MGB

MG Magnettes

Two beauties together!

MGTF Subframe

MGTF Subframe

MGTF Subframe

Here shows the sub frames on an MGF having been blasted and powder coated and then being re-fitted using a Suplex coil spring conversion.


Below are some recent workshop pics, so nice to have so many variations to work on.

MGF Timing belt

V8 Crankcase



MG Magnette


Midget on ramps


Workshops very busy with MG Midget body work, MG TF mechanical work, MGB Roadster engine work and various interior upgrades etc, MG TA engine work.

So many great cars to work on as well as the finishing of the Magnette, the MGB GT, work on a MG RV8, and start of the Land Rover re-build.

Below are some pictures that show some of the vehicles being worked on.

MGB Body Rear

MG TF Mechanical Work

MGTA Engine Work

MGB Body Rear

  • MGB Roadster 1969

  • We are restoring a customers 1969 MGB Roadster and here you can see some of the progress/stages.
MGB Body Rear

MGB Body Rear

MGB Front Wing


MGB Nearside Sill

MGB A Pillar

MGB Rear wing

MGB Nearside

MGB Offside sill

MGB Floor

MGB Rear

MGB Underside

MGB Painted Floor

MGB Shell painted

MGB Shell painted

MGB Shell painted

MGB Boot

MGB Cockpit

MGB Roaster - 1963 - Iris Blue - pull door handle model

  • We are now getting on with restoring a 1963 Iris Blue pull door handle Roadster, we will be posting pictures as we progress.
  • This this car has now sold.
MGB General Body Shell

MGB Offside

MGB General Body Shell

MGB Engine Bay

MGB Nearside door

MGB Boot area

MGB underside

MGB painted underside

MGB inside bodyshell


MGB engine

MGB outside shot

      MGB GT - 1972

  • We now have in from Switzerland a 1972 MGB GT for a complete restoration.
  • The owner had the car shipped over and then paid us a visit shortly afterwards to discuss the work he would like carried out.
  • He wants the car back to its original condition and as you can see we have started to strip it down ready for the work to be carried out.
  • You can watch the progress here.
MGBGT General Body Shell

MGBGT Engine Bay

MGBGT Inside

MGBGT Rear Tailgate

MGBGT Nearside Wing

MGBGT Inside Wing

MGBGT Floor Section

MGBGT Front Sill Work

MGBGT Replacement Sill

MGBGT Engine Bay Before

MGBGT Engine Bay After

MGBGT Rear Nearside painted

MGBGT Front painted

MGBGT Rear painted

MGBGT finished general

MGBGT finished engine bay

      MG ZA Magnette - 1954

  • We have now started to restore a 1954 MG ZA, it needs a full restoration but will be a great project for 2015, we will update the progress with pictures etc as, and when, we can.
MG Magnette Body Shell

Magnette shell 2

MG Magnette sill

MG Magnette floor

MG Magnette pedal box

MG Magnette floor

MG Magnette pedal box

MG Magnette floor

MG Magnette front arch

MG Magnette floor

MG Magnette wheel arch

MG Magnette rear wheel arch

MG Magnette rear wing

MG Magnette boot area

MG Magnette boot floor

MG Magnette boot repair

MG Magnette rear valance

MG Magnette rear apron

MG Magnette front stripped

MG Magnette nearside stripped

MG Magnette rear sill

MG Magnette rear sill left

MG Magnette front stripped

MG Magnette nearside stripped

MG Magnette front stripped

MG Magnette nearside stripped

MG Magnette floor area

MG Magnette repaired floor

MG Magnette engine bay stripped

MG Magnette engine bay in pimer

MG Magnette body pre primer

MG Magnette body primed

MG Magnette body sprayed

MG Magnette body sprayed

MG Magnette body sprayed rear

MG Magnette spax shock absorbers

MG Magnette wheels

MG Magnette suspension

MG Magnette disc assy

MG Magnette engine bay

MG Magnette front prep.

MG Magnette front wings

MG Magnette offside wing

MG Magnette engine going in

MG Magnette door in primer

MG Magnette door in primer

MG Magnette roof assy

MG Magnette door

MG Magnette door

MG Magnette doors painted